GlowGolf® FAQ

How long does a round of GlowGolf ® last?

A round of GlowGolf ® takes about an hour, if you play an 18-hole course. In addition to the number of holes, the playing time depends on the size of your group and the speed with which you play: more rest gives better results and more fun!

From what age is GlowGolf ® suitable?

GlowGolf ® is fun for all ages, except for the little ones. For children under four years of age, motor skills are not yet sufficiently developed to be able to play mini-golf. Children up to four years old are allowed to enter for free.

Can I bring food and drinks on the course?

Unfortunately, food and drinks are not allowed on the GlowGolf course because of the fluorescent flooring. We like to keep the courses nice and fresh.

Can I book online myself?

Everything you find on the 'Book' page of the relevant location can be booked directly online. For packages this differs per location. You will automatically see whether you can book a package directly online or whether you can only request the package by telephone or email.