GlowGolf® The Game

How it works

GlowGolf ® is played with 2 or a maximum of 6 players. It is an adventurous, exciting and challenging version of mini golf. Compete with yourself, your friends and get challenged by the many obstacles on the course!

The start

Each player takes their first shot. After this shot all balls are on the track at the same time and therefore form extra obstacles. Make putting difficult for your friends or use other balls to your advantage!

To play

All players take turns playing their ball in succession. Everyone play max 6 strokes per hole. If you have more then 6 strokes, a penalty score of 10 points in total on the hole will be added.

Obstacles and ‘out of play’

The ball can be moved max 10 cm if it is against an edge or obstacle. If the ball is knocked out of play, it may be put down again at the point of exit. There will be 1 penalty stroke added.

Challenges and scoreboard via the app

Via the Glowgolf ® Score app ®, you get access to extra challenges on every hole. In addition, the app offers a live leaderboard and makes the game even more exciting!

Groups & Safety

If a group plays faster behind you, let them go first. This makes the game more fun for everyone. Also make sure that when hitting the club, the club is not brought further then knee height. This way we keep it safe for all players and bystanders.